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All the holes in the booths were covered. The thearter is open. Tons of potential. Gloryholes in most booths. Huge boy vincennes escort.

Place has total potential and much cleaner than the place down the way for it. Crowd: Mix of young beach prostitutes old. This is such a shame. For hole lovers this place was the best. Had some great times here. I hope the holes come back soon.

And I still would like coat hooks. Unfortunately, it was very dead. Just a few old guys in the theatre, and not much going on in the booths. I hope someone at Personal Preference re this. I wish they would install at least 3 coat nicola escort leeds in each booth.

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One on each wall and one on the door. Please and Thankyou. This is a good place that is going to be in trouble if people don't stop the Craig's List posts. The law has recently been there taking photos of the holes etc. They went in the theater also. Publicity is going to asian girl escort a good place.

Well, after the ensuing escort agency san francisco of having it happen, apparently it's to be expected that the gloryholes are in a "closed again-open again" rotation. At least they are open some of the time--and hopefully that will continue! Sucks making the trip there, but that's crusing Going to be here tonight in about an hour or so.

If you see guy in booths with green short knock on wall if you want to top me thru the hole.

Last was hot! There was two couples in the theater going at it and loved to be watched. Too bad they did not want any more players. There are always the ugliest guys here, and OLD. I found one hot dad looking guy and he went for the nastiest looking guy there. Want to have sex shreveport personals get a white trash vibe from this place.

Will be in Mesa for several weeks latina escorts new denver April wekkdays onl. Ilove the theater! Like karokejack I have given pleasure to one while another watched and then did him. What a turn-on! Also looking for private hook-ups where we can take our time.

Check out my profile and let me know. Any couples ever there. Any couples going monday or tuesday mid day. Escorts big island colchester love to meet wales personals cd there on Monday around am?

Heading to Scottsdale next month and am looking for a theater to bring my wife to. Is nyon gwent escorts the best place for a couple or does anyone have a better suggestion?

There today. After a couple "trys" with one guy, I got some. Management is cool. Anyone hot guys want daytime owo escort london Stopped in about noon Sat. Booths were very busy and the holes were open. Didn't check the theater though. I will start visiting this place again! It was such a turn on giving a man head and having other men watch.

They started getting turned on a one guy pulled out his glasgow nude escorts and let me know he wanted to be next I would like to exsperience this placeand would like A little information on the theater,Not booth's.

Is there action for A c. How is late evening escorts irving tx. Thank's for any info ,I'm looking to visit this friday evening,And probally not till around I do not have a vehicle.

Is there local bus service to this place?

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I would really like to visit it once before I leave. The only bus that I have overbrook ok housewives personals seems to go as far as Power Rd - not far enough east. I hope that someone can help me to find a way there. Just got back from PP. Holes open, lots of action in the theaters.

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Mostly older guys but a few in the range. Had fun.

Zip Yes, it is still open. The lights were on "high in the arcade. I was there last night and the holes are open.

Perhaps they close them when they feel they tillsonburg escorts most likely to get inspected. But, last night they were open and there was a lot of activity both in the theater and in the arcade.

Two couples showed up last night as well, both very attractive. Even if the holes are covered once in a while it is still worth the time to go as this place always has something going pregnant escort worcester.

A friendly piece of advice That I found out about this place is that when you go inside and head towards the arcade look up if the arcade light is on that means the glory holes are open uncovered thus when the arcade personal preference phoenix is off they are closed covered. I was there last night and abbotsford personals out what is happening.

The owner was there and the holes were covered. I asked if he was getting an inspection or something and he told me that since there was all that trouble with the spa who apparently had several violations and was fined over 25k for them that all three places in that area are high class escorts in edinburgh very careful as the inspectors have shown up often. Another person behind the counter said that the trailer park owners are placing complaints against all the adult stores in that fantasy escorts hanford. He basically is mad that they made him re do many things and found it un fair that no one else has to follow the rules.

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From his comment, I think he's making everyone "pay". Someone may be confused I dorve over from central Phoenix today and no holes are open. I also drove over within a couple days of the last post and again, housewives personals in gainesville al holes open?????

Holes are covered Some action in the theater Was there 2 weeks ago, holes are closed for now, but if you go in a booth and leave the door open, someone will you soon. Had some good action.