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The popularity of abbreviations and acronyms in personal developed as a byproduct of newspapers charging customers per letter. Even though personal have largely moved online to places like Craigslist and dating websitesthese acronyms are still used as a kind of dater's language. Feel prostitutes in guyana to add suggestions or corrections in the comments section below.

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If you have been an active user on Craigslist for a long time, then you probably remember when they had a personals section on their classified using an escort.

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Personals are advertisements, not unlike classifiedin which advertisers seek companionship with others for friendship, a committed relationship, sex, or other romantic encounters.

Glossary of acronyms and abbreviations in personal

Research indicates that personal have been around since at least sixteenth-century Britain and that people all over the world have used them Jagger Personal ads nsa its most contemporary and prevalent form, the Internet -based personal ad enables advertisers to streamline searches for companionship while juggling the demands of careers and personal lives. Evidence suggests that personal often reflect the normative values embedded in the culture in which they are written.

For example, American personal advertisements reveal capitalistic societal trends such as casting a woman's appearance as a commodity in exchange female escorts in new erie a man's wealth and social status Rajecki, Bledsoe, and Rasmussen Moreover, the American personal ad often indicates a cultural preference for individualism, whereas its international counterparts may reflect other social values, such springfield asian ts escort community. For example, in China many personal reveal cultural preferences for family and community, "even," as Ranna Parekh and Eugene V.

Beresin note, "at the expense of individual needs"p. In India most personal prize heterosexual marriage as an ultimate goal for seeking companionship. In fact, Indian are typically referred to as "matrimonial advertisements. While personal advertisements are typically placed by heterosexuals looking for more traditional relationships, they have also provided opportunities for people with less-mainstream preferences to seek companionship. American personals, for example, have provided a greater degree of anonymity and safety for gay men and women since at least san francisco elite escorts, when F.

Ewing's The Hobby Directory gave men opportunities to discuss "common interests" Harris Since then, personal advertisement services have escort st ashford united kingdom to cater to a variety of interests and appetites.

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From gay fetish to extramarital affairfrom mainstream heterosexual romance to alternative subculture community forums, there now exists, thanks largely to Internet services, personal advertisement for almost any preference.

Not only has the Internet provided virtual spaces for a variety of preferences, but it has also reshaped the face of personal advertisements and made them more accessible to wider audiences. Moreover, because Internet services are not as restricted for physical space, they have provided users with the opportunity to provide longer descriptions of both their selves and their desires. Traditional newspaper personals typically restrict the erie area escort to no more than twenty-five words, whereas the Internet services typically impose fewer restrictions in length of Paap and Raybeck Moreover, the prevalence of Internet advertisements has helped break the negative stigma surrounding the nigerian escort richardson of personal advertisements.

Internet personals services have grown steadily, both in revenue andcoming in second only to pornographic services as leading the Internet in paid services. Research has also shown that Internet-based personal advertisement services have facilitated a change in personal ads nsa to social norms in demographically determined mate selection.

Because the Internet using an escort a space in which people of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and locations can more easily meet, it has been suggested that the Internet enables advertisers to choose mates they may not have otherwise chosen Sexy russian escort Moreover, such Internet services have been both praised austin chronicle personals criticized for enabling advertisers to manipulate and create the version of their identities that they present.

On one hand, such services allow users to "put their best foot forward," while, on the other hand, they have also enabled users with less-honorable intentions to deceive others. To those in search of companionship, an important rule applies: caveat emptor. These initialisms may have developed in part to conserve print space and reduce costs for services that charged by the word.

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Personals gale. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. More From encyclopedia. Economic AspectsLester G. Advertising ResearchCharles K. They also have been a d… Advertisingadvertising, in general, any openly sponsored offering of goods, services, or ideas through any medium of public communication. From TV commercials, escorts in joplin mo magazine covers, and product lab…. About this article Personals Updated About encyclopedia.

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